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Age: 31

Date of birth: 14th Oct 1985

Place of birth: Hokkaido

Years of experience: 10 (8 years in Japan. Last 2 years were spent in Hong kong, Shanghai & Singapore)

What got me interested in bartending:

I love seeing our customer enjoying their drinks at our bar. I’ve competed in over 30 competitions, wining 1st prize in a competition in Japan and Singapore. Joining competitions help improve my skills & experience.  I aim to make customers feel as comfortable as possible, as well as to enjoy the atmosphere and to bring them a whole new drinking experience.



Age: 27

Date of birth: 27th December 1989

Place of birth: Kobe

Years of experience: 5

What is so special about D.Bespoke:

In Singapore, you won’t be able to find another bar that serves in such bespoke style. I hope that more of such bars would become popular here.



Age: 30

Date of birth: 21st August 1986

Place of birth: Okinawa

Years of experience: 3

What is the difference of our drinking culture here than that of Okinawa’s: 

I serve a lot of whiskeys & cocktails here. This is very different in Okinawa, where some of the popular drinks can’t be found here locally. That’s is why we hope to bring more of the popular drinks in Japan to our Singapore customers.



Age: 22

Place of birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

Years of experience: 3

Why did he join D.Bespoke:

I am always interested in Japanese culture. When i started bartending in Denmark, the interest in Japanese artisanal bartending followed. There are lots of differences between Japanese & western styled bartending. There’s always something new to learn.



Age: 30

Date of birth: 22nd October 1986

Place of birth: Tokyo

Years of experience: 6

What inspired you to be a bartender?: 

My very first drink was Mojito. It was a very wonderful & refreshing experience. It reminded me of a beach side holiday. It inspired me to want to learn how to make cocktails that brings the same kind of joyful feeling to my customers.


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